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Posted on May 24, 2012


This is a bit of grudge match after Loki and Jinx previously met on Badmouth Battles, with Loki winning, but the decision far from a clear one. The rematch is phenomenal and you certainly don’t have to be into rap to enjoy it.

On another note, Loki has been working with Trapped In Kansas frontman Finn Lemarinel on his new album, and that should be an amazing combination.

I’ve mentioned Lines Across Maps a good few times on the site now, and as they are not from Scotland it’s fair to say I’m a fan. The Lincolnshire 3 piece are gearing up for the release of their 2nd EP and have posted the video for Fabby Swell. You can get the track for a tweet or FB post now (details on their website) and get a hold of the full EP on 25th June.

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