Black Saturday

Posted on May 28, 2012


No-one likes a gig clash, it’s a nightmare at festivals and is pretty common in a city like Glasgow with so much talent on display. This Saturday, 2nd June, has to have the biggest clashes of amazing gigs that I can remember though, and what the fuck are you supposed to do when faced with the cream of Scottish unsigned bands all playing different shows on the same night? Hopefully this will help a few folk decide.

LightGuides @ The Arches

Who’s Playing: LightGuides, The Bangarangs, The Winter Tradition and Waiting For Go

Tickets: £5 (+bf) from Tickets Scotland

Why you should go: LightGuides had a big year in 2011, signing to Alcopop! and achieving success with the release of Samba Samba Samba. Not only are they one of our finest bands, but I believe this is their largest headline show to date, and they will be playing with bass for the first time. I wonder if they’ll add a space in their band name now?

Overlook Records Birthday Bash @ The Captain’s Rest

Who’s playing: Trapped In Kansas, The Darien Venture, Crusades, Bellow Below, So Many Animal Calls, Salo and Vasa

Tickets: If you are extremely lucky you might be able to get a hold of a ticket from Big Cartel, but hurry as there were only 5 left last I heard.

Why you should go: Overlook Records have put together a phenomenal roster, and having all those bands on the same bill is sure to see the tiny basement venue erupt in chaos. You just don’t get seven bands this good playing together on the same night and this is sure to be one massive celebration of our finest new DIY label.

Penguins Kill Polar Bears Return @ Stereo

Who’s playing: Penguins Kill Polar Bears, Skippy Dyes, Blue Sky Archives and Farewell Singapore.

Tickets: £5 from Tickets Scotland or contact the bands

Why you should go: PKPB have not played in a year, and will be sporting a new member and some new tunes meaning this could be one of those massive nights that defines a band. Also the event is put on by Cut Loose and that’s always a good sign as shown by the amazing supporting cast assembled.

Killie Dirty Weekender @ Various Venues in Kilmarnock

Who’s playing: The Lafontaines, Xavia, Carnivores, Julia and the Doogans, Brown Bear and the Bandits + much more

Tickets: Full Weekend – £25, Friday only – £12, Saturday only – £12, Sunday only – £15, all + bf and available from Tickets Scotland.

Why you should go: The line up for Killie’s Dirty Weekender looks massive and it’s actually a 3 day event, with the likes of Rod Jones, Bombskare and Suspire playing the Friday and This Silent Forest, Matt Norris and the Moon and We Were Promised Jetpacks playing the Sunday. Even if you end up at one of the other gigs on the Saturday you could still catch the rest of this event and it looks well worth doing.

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